the secret to losing weight fast
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The Secret To Losing Weight Fast

The Secret To Losing Weight Fast

Do you want to lose weight fast? If so, you have come to the right place. The first question you need to answer is if you are ready to be committed to losing weight? See, losing the weight is the easy part, but being committed to losing the weight is a different story. Let me share with you something that maybe no one has told you before. You know all those diet plans that you see plastered everywhere? You know the ones like: Lose Weight Today Diet, Stop Eating Bread and Get Six Pack Abs Diet, Eat Nothing but Doughnuts and Lose All The Weight you Want Diet. The surprising thing about these diet plans is that they all will help you lose weight. Yes, it’s true; even the Doughnut Diet Plan will help you lose weight. Eat like you regular eat but substitute one doughnut for one of your regular meals and I bet you lose weight. The problem is most of us are committed so we eat that one doughnut and think “ahh that was really good, one more won’t hurt” the next thing you know you’ve eaten six doughnuts and are wondering why this Doughnut Diet isn’t working. Okay, so, that was just an extreme example to prove a point; please don’t do the Doughnut Diet. Honestly you don’t need a diet as much as you need commitment to your goal of losing weight. How can you start being committed to this goal and lose weight fast? Below are a few pointers to help you get started. Before I forget (here’s the disclaimer), this is all just advice; you should go see your doctor before you start any new diet plan or change up your health routine. Okay, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way let’s begin.

Log everything you eat. Yeah, I know you’ve heard it before, but this time is different because you are going to be committed to doing it. So, log everything you eat, but here is the important part, don’t change how or what you eat. Yep, that’s right. Eat how you normally eat but log everything. Please, don’t cheat yourself; just because you didn’t log that Cinnabon doesn’t mean it’s not your stomach. Before you begin to lose weight, you need to know what your normal eating habits are. Everyone’s body is different and we all gain weight in different ways. You need to learn how your body reacts to certain foods. You may discover that you can lose five pounds simply by not getting the extra shot of hazelnut syrup in your morning coffee. Really, it could be something as simple that. Can you imagine waking up running 2 miles every morning to lose 5 pounds when you simply could have said, “hey, I’ll take an iced coffee with no syrup”; done, it can be as simple as that. One more thing before I forget, when you log everything you it you become cognizant of what you’re eating. That’s right, it’s so easy to slam down a whole bag of Doritos. But when you have to log that you slammed down a whole bag of Doritos (and I’m not talking about a grab bag or snack size one) it’s a whole lot harder to get carried away with your food. In some sense logging your calories makes it real. Let’s say you ate a whole pizza, once it’s gone there is no record of it, but oh man, if you have to write down you ate a whole pizza, that’s when it becomes a reality. Quick story: I wanted to lose 10 pounds one year, not a lot of weight but a decent amount. I ran every morning, worked out twice a day for a month and still didn’t lose that 10 pounds. The next week I wrote down everything I ate and noticed a trend. Most mornings before work I would make a pancake for breakfast, because it was quick to make, and it tasted oh so good. Three pancakes a day, five days out of the week, holy smokes that’s 15 pancakes! So, I started getting up a little earlier, so I had time to make bacon and eggs and within 8 days I had lost the 10 pounds. Wow, had nothing to do with me working out more or less, well except for eating less pancakes, haha. Moral of the story, just log what you eat; don’t change how you eat and then see if anything really stands out.

Develop a fitness routine and stick to it. You’ll notice a recurring theme here; commitment, yeah there’s that word again. See you don’t have to make up some big grandiose workout plan, you just need to come up with something you can do and then be committed to it. For instance, walk for ten minutes a day. That’s it, that simple, walk for ten minutes a day. This is a good example of a small workout routine that can deliver major results. But here is the kicker, you have to stick to it and not use it as an excuse to eat more or be less active in some other aspect of your life. Let’s be clear; your adding a ten-minute walk to your daily routine, this doesn’t mean that you can now ride the golf cart into work because your walking ten minutes a day now. No, it doesn’t work like that, remember when I said don’t cheat yourself. Yeah, this would be cheating yourself. Be committed to walking the ten minutes a day. No matter the day, Monday through Sunday, you have to take that ten-minute walk. No matter if you’re tired, it’s raining outside, you’ve had a terrible day at work or that new episode of Game of Thrones is about to come-on and you want to see it live. No, sorry. You can’t watch Game of Thrones right now because it’s 8pm and you still haven’t taken your ten-minute walk. Now, the ten-minute walk is just an example; it can be literally anything. A bike ride, playing basketball, swimming, kettle bell workouts at home or Tae Bo with Billy Blanks (does anyone still do Tae Bo? Maybe it’s just me), it doesn’t really matter what kind of physically activity you add to your life. If you want to lose weight fast, make adding a physical activity a priority and commit to it.

So after reading this you’ve probably figured out that the secret to losing weight fast is commitment. Yeah, commitment to actually losing the weight will make it happen for you. Now to the “fast” part; you’ll lose weight fast because you’ll be committed to making one of those changes. While it may seem like a small change in your life, it’s actually a huge change towards your goal of losing weight. Logging everything you eat every day, so you can see what’s causing you to retain weight takes little effort but can net huge results, that’s how I lost that ten pounds. It’s a huge step in the right direction to slimmer you. Commit to some new physical activity and stick to it ran or shine. Remember the secret is commitment. No matter how big or small the change you decide to make; be committed to it and you’ll lose that weight faster then you could have imaged. Leave a comment below, let us know what small change you’re going to make. Thanks for reading this and you’re going to achieve your goals, I believe in you.

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