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10 Step Guide To Self Improvement

A Guide To Self Improvement: What Questions You Should Ask Yourself to Understand What Really Makes You Tick?

No matter how contented you want to feel or give yourself a false illusion that your life is going the way you want it to, but it will never be true when you have issues and problems in your life that you have not addressed yet or have been trying to avoid. This guide to self improvement will help you address those problems and get you going on the right track.
Still we try to find a deeper meaning to this mesh we call our lives!
True, we all have problems. But honestly speaking, these problems should not define us. We should not let them hinder us or change our dreams and aspirations. As a kid we believe in many things but as we grow up we start giving up on our dreams thinking them to be impossible. We can no longer hold on to our dreams…. Or can we?

Here Is The 10 Step Guide To Self Improvement

1. What is it that you Really Want?

The most common and at the same time the most important question of the ages. There is so much that we all want to do with our lives but at the same time we don’t even have enough time to complete our daily routine tasks.
Diligence is the key that can teach you the worth of your dreams. Try finding something that you are good at and that you actually want to do. This realization will be your first step to self-improvement.

2. Do you Need Change?

Living with an army of teenagers has taught me that this generation takes the concept of redefining self to a whole new level. I thank God for having not caught this bug of which is far worse than acne or measles.
Change is not always in the future. Sometimes we need to look in the past. We need to take lessons from our history. History repeats itself and somethings do not need to change. You can never party without dancing. But yes the type of dancing can change with time. So learn to fit things into your lifestyle instead of completely taking a 180 degree turn into a new self!

3. What’s the Brighter Side of All This?

Due to our hectic and busy lives we never get the time to take a look at the silver lining in our dark cloud or see that light at the end of the tunnel. We don’t need to scrutinize much, just take a positive glance to the dark cloud and if its rain that comes pouring down than learn to get wet… jump in the water puddles and enjoy it!

4. Do You Like What You’re Doing? Are You Ok with It?

Whichever fork you are standing at in life, there are always two ways to choose from. The right way and the easy way. Take the path less traveled, choose to be unique in what you do because variety is the spice of life. The right path will give you many questions and challenges to face and that’s what makes life interesting. You were not born to simply follow after the crowd. Choose to have a unique identity!

5. Are You Satisfied with Yourself?

Have you done enough to satisfy your own self? Is there more that you want to do for your own being? Go for it!
Large doses of discontentment can be toxic, but at the same time a small amount of it can take you to the heights that you had never imagined of climbing.

6. Are You Happy With Where You Stand Today?

Now this is a question that makes you realize that you are being unfair to yourself. Don’t be worried. Just do what you want and take it to the next level. This formula goes for everything in everyday life, whichever point you are standing at!

7. Does the Opposite Sex Find Me Attractive?

Does it really matter? You can try to be appealing. You can go to the gym, change your wardrobe, your attitude, your hairstyle but at the end of the day you need to remember that it’s always for your own good and for your own benefit. What you like and what appeals to you is the important thing here.

8. How Much Can You Have?

Somethings can never be too much or too little in life. It always comes down to how badly you need something at a specific time. These needs and wants keep changing. There is a lot in life that you’d like to have but the important question is, how much are you willing to pay for it? How much work are you willing to do? How much time and energy are you willing to invest?

9. What’s the Motivator in Your Life?

What motivates you is always going to be different for every person. This is an answer that you need to find out for yourself. There are a lot of things in life that make you happy and choosing just one could be quite difficult. So who is asking you to choose? Take a small dose of everything one by one. Try it all piece by piece like servings of your favorite dishes at a buffet.

10. What Actually Makes You Tick?

This brings us to the ultimate question. What is it actually that’s keeping you on the move? Sometimes we give up somethings just thinking about the difficulty of attaining them. We give up our fight even before starting it. That’s where improvement is needed.
Self-improvement is not achieving the desired physical goals or a higher level of philosophical or spiritual thinking. It comes down to what to really want and what you our willing to do in order to get it!

Once you dare to dream, you will find the strength in you to start working on making your dreams true.

Go ahead and start living the life of your dreams, it’s only a simple plan away from you!

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