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3 Easy Step Workout Routine For Beginners

A Simple and Effective 3 Easy Step Workout Routine For Beginners.

Begin Your journey to a healthier fitter you with this 3 Step Workout Routine For Beginners. To enjoy your life to the fullest, the most important thing needed is the sound health. If you want to maintain good health and remain fit physically, you should pay special attention to what you eat. Besides, participating in healthy physical activities and including some exercises in daily routine is also essential.

Prevention Is Better Than The Cure

It is rightly said that ‘Prevention is better than the cure’ For preventing any kind of health issues, you should adopt a healthy lifestyle, avoid sedentary attitude and make healthy food choices. If you want to achieve the best results possible, you should create a fitness plan and be consistent.
Devise a proper exercise plan, be consistent and choose the appropriate exercises to visualize the fitness goals. Accompany your efforts with a healthy diet plan to get the best consequences. Together these two things will boost your metabolic rate, help in burning more calories and provide your body with more energy.
Simply put, smart food choices, healthy eating habits, and proper physical workout can enhance the metabolism and keep you energetic throughout the day. Consequently, you get high physical endurance, and your body can do more work by putting in less effort.

The primary objective of exercising is to enjoy physical fitness and improved health with high aerobic capacity, boosted metabolism and enhanced strength. Every time you participate in some kind of workout, the body’s metabolic rate increases. If you think you need to do strenuous exercise for effective outcomes, you are mistaken. What matters more is consistency.

If you want to gain more strength and increase your energy, we suggest you implement  some type of cardiovascular exercise into your daily routine. You are recommended to do this kind of exercise four times a week for a half hour session. Besides, you should go for resistance training as well. Make sure you do resistance training four times a week for a 25 minutes session. Both these will bring out fruitful consequences, and you will get increased lean mass and enhanced physical endurance.

3 Easy Step Workout Routine For Beginners

Step 1. Warm up
Prepare your body first for the physical work out. You can do so by dedicating 5 to 10 minutes to some kind of easy aerobic activity. Besides, stretching is effective It will warm up your body and enhance the flow of blood.

Step 2. Resistance Training
After a warm-up, you should try some simple resistance training involving maximum muscles of your body. Try one set of every related exercise and take a break of 30-45 secs between every exercise.

Step 3. Aerobic Exercise
Depending on your personal choice and lifestyle, you can select any two aerobic exercises. For instance, you can opt for biking and jogging. Dedicate 10 to 15 minutes to each of the chosen exercises and spend at least 5 minutes to cool down at the end.

What kind of results could I expect from this 3 Simple Step Workout Routine For Beginners?

When you begin your exercise program, you should set some achievable goals. By following the 3 Step Workout Routine For Beginners mentioned above, you are expected to experience the following results. In one to two months You may start to feel more energetic and active. After three to six months you may start gaining more muscle mass and begin to lose excess body fat. Besides, you may also start to notice you clothing fitting loosely. Be consistent in following your exercise plan and make suitable changes in your diet as well.

Here are some helpful tips for you that can assist in keeping you active, energetic and healthy.

• You can eat several times a day. Just limit the proportion and enjoy eating every few hours through-out the day.
• Go for balanced meals. Take complex carb sources in fist-sized serving and add proteins in palm size portions. Besides, you should also include fresh fruits and vegetables of your choice in fist-sized serving.
• Minimize the fats consumption and use in small quantity to get the required flavor.
• Remember to drink at least a glass of water daily.
• Supplement your daily diet with multi-vitamins.

Summary of The 3 Easy Step Workout Routine For Beginners

Proper exercise and a healthy diet are the two basic requirements for keeping you energetic and refreshed. Eat healthily, incorporate physical activities and regular exercise in daily routine and enjoy a healthy and active life. There are WORKOUT AND DIET PROGRAMS that can help get you started and keep you on track. Just don’t forget, staying consistent is the important thing. Hopefully you’ve found our 3 Easy Step Workout Routine For Beginners helpful as you begin your journey to a stronger and healthier you.


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