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5 Ways You are Your Own Competition

In Today’s world filled with social media posts of people living their extravagant lifestyle (even though in reality most of them are not), advertising that’s constantly telling us how we should dress, what we should look like and what brands make us cool or apart of the in-crowd. It’s easy to fall victim of the […]

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If you truly believe

You will accomplish your goals and achieve whatever you want to as long as it’s in your heart to do so. If you truly believe that you can achieve something then you will achieve it. Be committed to your goals and passions every day and eventually it will happen for you. The only way it […]

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I’m not on diet

I’m not on diet. I have made a lifestyle change that has improved my health and well being. Stop using the word diet, because that implies temporary. You are on your way to doing great things and becoming the person you want to be. There isn’t anything temporary about that.